New Web Store February 21, 2015 14:00 6 Comments

Our new store has been activated with a few new capabilities.  We now offer more payment options and are linked directly to UPS for postage Rates.  One thing you should be aware of is the shipping costs include a charge for packing materials.  We make every attempt to get the product to you in the same condition that we receive it from the manufacturer.  To this end we have settled on a standard packing method.  You will now find the product is now protected by Styrofoam on all sides and edges.  This results in the lowest weight for the packing materials.

I would like to make you aware of one thing about condition.  You should expect to receive the material with out any scares or indentations on the front or back but occasionally there is small chipping on the edges as follows.


This is the condition I receive it from the manufacturer.  If you plan to have the edges exposed you may want to order a larger size so you can trim off the edges to get a sharp edge.  

You can also include a note that you need sharp edges and I will made every effort to provide that or will notify you if I don't have any in stock.

Well this is my first attempt at a blog.  Can't promise when the next entry might come.